As a professional supplier of kitchenware, we are pleased to know that you are interested in our products. Our compa-ny, established in 1979, specializing in manufacturing kitchen-ware, barware, BBQ tools, coffee and tea pot collection andetc..

Most of the products have been exported to American, E-uropean markets, which also have been obtaining good resp-onses from many clients, such as Wal-mart, Carrefour, Fackl-emann, QVC.

Kitchenware are the main products in our recommendat-ions, and according to concrete use classified into no less th-an10 series including S.S. knives, Handjuicer, Steam coffeemaker, Corkscrew, Pasta machine, Tea pot etc.

According to handle nature, knives are mainly classified into be classified furtherly based on different shapes of each handle. Meanwhile, the appearance of knife blade indicates its use, e.g. Chef, Slicer, Bread, Cheese, Chopper and so on. Besides, 880A steel material and excellent manufacturing technology guarantee blade hardness and anti-corrodibility. We also provide knife blocks to match knives, which will create a pleasing kitchen space.

Aluminum and stainless steel are the main natures of our recommended coffee maker series. As far as several patterns are concerned, coffee maker is different from each other more in appearance. They look comfortable or elegant or novel. What’s more, the surface of coffee makers in aluminum can be painted into different colors to create more pleasing appearance.

Corkscrew series also play a significant a role. The unique design, abundant color and outstanding function are the main characteristics of family corkscrew. We also provide large luxurious corkscrew to special entertainment places, which can be set on table or wall.

Besides the above products, some kitchen gadgets such as Egg slicer, Olive pitcher and Nut cracker are also available. Now, our products are expand to Electric products and general merchandise, gift set, outdoor products and leisure & travel products.

Through attentive and delicate service, we are trying our best to present more practical and beautiful kitchenware to customers.